What’s in a brand?

What’s in a brand?

So you are about to start a business, or make a product, or maybe you already have one of these…

  • What is your branding?
  • What does it say about you?
  • What does it say about your product?

Branding is more than a logo or a name, it’s everything that makes up who your brand is. It’s hard sometimes to pinpoint these areas and define them, so, we decided to go through some of the things we like to chat to clients about when they come to us with a branding job…

ONE: Your Company Name

Always consider the base line when naming your company or business. It can often be more difficult and a longer education process naming your company something like “Google”, “Hulu”, “Twitter” or “Apple”. So base initial ideas around the core offering, “Netflix”, “Hotels.com”. If you are looking to use something that doesn’t directly relate to your core business service, make sure you plan the education process.

TWO: Your Mark or Logo

How will it portray your company visually? Will it be literal, abstract, happy, serious, clean and sharp, or warm and fuzzy?

It may sound silly but ask yourself, if your logo walked into a bar, how would it act with people?

Some good examples of this are:

  • Twitter: their twitter bird logo is fun, playful, and interactive.
  • Amazon: they added a smile to their font based logo to open the brand into a more friendly territory.
  • Apple: The Apple logo is based on the depiction of Sir Isaac Newton and the apple falling on his head – it depicts ideas and innovation.

You may have the most creative and ground breaking idea ever conceived, but if your logo doesn’t portray it… it may as well be worthless.

THREE: Communication

Possibly the most important thing to plan and execute correctly is your brands tone of voice and communication. Even after the name have been decided, the logo designed and signed off on, even after all your collateral has arrived hot off the press. You need to speak to your audience.

And with the Social Media revolution in full swing this equates not only to words, but visuals and imagery.

Consider your overall look and feel and how it will be represented in your post’s and imagery. Are you clean cut, are you fun, colourful, monochrome. There are many elements to consider and research.

Our best advice here… do your home work! Then look for some guidance on planning your comms from professionals.


We deal with a lot of people starting up and love helping them figure out these area’s of their company and brand. 

If you need any help with or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the team on our connect page. We give a free initial consult, love high fives and a good coffee.